Talia Shapiro Simply Beeresistible

Photo by Will Foster @wfstr

I distinctly remember the moment when I transitioned from a starving college student and entered the adult world—and beer played an essential role.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day in Santa Cruz, CA, and I popped over to the corner market to grab a few brews to take with me to the beach. As I stood looking at the shiny, colorful beverage display, I had the groundbreaking realization that life is too short to drink bad beer. I could no longer think of a valid reason to resist the smooth, full-bodied, complex craft beers that had thus far been reserved for only the most special occasions. While I can’t quite remember the exact beer I chose for the beach that day, I do remember it as the beginning of my ongoing love affair with (good) beer.

Now, in the wake of leaving a career in book publishing, I’m embarking on a new journey. A journey to explore the provocative world of brewery culture. Although I’m beginning this blog as simply a curious beer enthusiast, I hope that through exploration I will someday become an industry insider, and enjoy the beeresistible joie de vivre that comes from sharing my love for this inspiring beverage.

Thanks for reading!
~Talia Shapiro

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  1. Never really been tickled by IPAs but had a Widmer Brothers Blinded by the White IPA the other day brewed with coriander and orange peel and it was really fine tasting. It’s part of their Experimental Small Batch Series. Drink up!


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