Wu-Tang Clan Inspired Beer

Image source: society6.com

Image source: society6.com

Malt. Mash. Boil. Ferment. This last step is key, and active yeast is essential during beer’s fermentation cycle, when sugars are converted into alcohol. Keeping the yeast active is also necessary for a flavorful, aromatic brew. Seems straightforward. But sometimes yeast can settle too quickly in the fermenter and the brewer must rouse it. Stir the beer, swirl the fermenter around a few times, or turn up the bass on the stereo.

Vince Desrosiers, the head brewer at Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing Company, has decided to experiment in the innovative creation of a new beer. He plans to utilize his lyrical love of Wu-Tang Clan’s music to the brewery’s advantage: by constantly bumping the hip hop group’s bass-rich songs throughout the new brew’s barrel-aging process, Dock Street hopes to rouse the yeast for a uniquely-flavored brew. The beer will be aptly named “Dock Street Beer Ain’t Nuthin’ to Funk With” (a G-rated play on the song, “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F*ck Wit,” but of course).

DeRosiers said he launched the experiment to see if the bass would “cause enough vibration to move the yeast around and create some different flavors during fermentation.” Dock Street Brewing will need some mighty speakers, and the stereo volume is sure to reach unprecedented levels. It’s an interesting idea. This beer will have a truly unique story. And since so many beer names are already taken, I think it’s pretty clever to start a line of musically inspired beers. I’m excited to try it. I wonder what RZA, GZA, and the other Wu Tang members think.

I’ll wrap things up with a non sequitur. I was a film student back in the day, and when I think of Wu Tang Clan, I feel compelled to recommend the “Delirium” vignette from the movie “Coffee and Cigarettes.” It’s silly and it’s directed by Jim Jarmusch, and it includes Bill Murray. It’s worth (re)watching. Pour yourself a cold, yeasty brew and enjoy!


One thought on “Wu-Tang Clan Inspired Beer

  1. Soul beer for the spiritual! Rhythm and blues for the unprotected! Bach beer for the classical! Just what I’ve always believed…there’s a beer for all persuasions.


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