Sea Farmer IPA

Citrus_fruitsThe serrated grapefruit spoon was a genius invention. Gone were the times when delicious, tangy pulp was wasted at the handle of the run-of-the-mill cereal spoon. Likewise, the libatious visionary who brewed the first grapefruit IPA had a brilliant idea that has been expertly adjusted and improved upon by many brewmasters. Just released this month by Fieldwork Brewing Company, a new craft brewery out of Berkeley, California, comes a tasty beer called Sea Farmer IPA, brewed with grapefruit and sea salt—sure to keep local beer lovers coming back for more.

Named after the Jack London short story of the same name, this beer is reminiscent of the protagonist’s dueling identities; all his life he struggled between his dream of becoming a farmer of the soil (hence the grapefruit) and his family legacy of becoming a farmer of the sea (thus the salt). For the Sea Farmer IPA, Fieldwork brewers mixed Celtic sea salt with plenty of wheat, along with Cascade hops to play off of their grapefruit-like qualities. They even wrangled their brewery staff into zesting a big batch of fresh grapefruits to add to their dry hop. The result? Sea Farmer IPA starts out with a sweet, citrus aroma, and a hazy amber pour. With the first sip comes a slightly salty, hoppy flavor and a hint of crisp, juicy grapefruit to finish.

Much like scraping the inside of your luscious grapefruit wedge, beer enthusiasts are sure to tip their pint glasses to extreme angles to savor every last drop of Fieldwork’s Sea Farmer IPA. You’ll have to come to Berkeley to taste this new brew though; Fieldwork serves most of their beer straight out of the brewery, with the rest traveling around town to select local taprooms.


3 thoughts on “Sea Farmer IPA

  1. While every other Fieldwork beer is fantastic, this one, in my opinion, falls short. In fact, one may argue that the Sea Farmer IPA is simply Grapefruit Sculpin brewed with sea water.


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