Welcome To My New Blog!

Somehow, you’ve stumbled upon my new Simply Beeresistible blog. Welcome! Check out the About page for more info and be sure to stop by again soon for new articles. I also invite you to share the names of your favorite beers and the details of your best brewery stories. Cheers!

Beer Barrels


One thought on “Welcome To My New Blog!

  1. I’m all for blogging about good beers. As a longtime friend of darker beers from around the world, I have my opinions. They all started back in Cambridge, at a German deli and imbibery called the Wursthaus. It’s where I got to try the best beers from the far reaches of the globe served according to the brewers specs. I learned to love German beers the most. At first (in the early 70’s), Spaten, Augustinabrau, and Monchshof were my clear favorites for their bold, full bodied flavor. Now, after many samplings, I lean towards brews from Ayinger (Altbairisch Dunkel), Bitburger, Dortmunder Union, Kostitzer (Schwarzbier), Monchshof Kapuziner Schwarze Hefeweizen and other german brewers. Some of these breweries have been brewing since the 1200’s so they’ve had time to tune their tastes. I’d love to hear about other German brews that tickle drinker’s fancies.


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